Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Boy JOR!!

Officially reached the 21st year of my life lu...since i was born. Normally ppl wud b saying this wit joy, wit exclamation marks behind, not really the same case for me tho.

What to do? Totally broke, alone here, havin bread, biscuits, wit plain water. I wonder whether its true where its said 21st bday shud b one helluva big day. Make no mistakes mine was definitely a big one, BIG disappointment.

Summore wat was i doin just now? Playin few rounds of disappointin dota games, in preparation for matches later. Play wit player i despise, if win, win 1.5k!!!, 1.5k of gaming credit in our medan rock cafe!!! Manager of cafe wit rock brains i say. Well, did hav sum "decent" food for dinner just now, so not that ugly of a nite i spose huh =.= Neways, 21 now, a fact i've been hiding for so long, but ppl still noe in d end.

Guess i'll finally start to really b a good boy now =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When was there a time when you, being a blessed healthy man, could let a pair of juicy cute daibolins escape your gaze unnoticed? Can't get enuff of daibolins =)

K la finally made my comeback afta ard 1 year of bein MIA from my blog. I wonder who even comes to visit my lil pitiful blog, havin this lame ass unfaithful bastard author. Sorry dokidoki... shall never cheat on you again, clubs can never replace your place in my heart... baby plz forgive me...

Damn i'm totally clueless of what to blog. Hmm, been havin totally lifeless, yet pretty much full of shit days =/

Not so long ago, God was to bring light into my not so life-ful life. At least i thought so. Always been a childhood dream to meet Japanese race queens. From them i learnt that, angels do exist on earth. And... one day i was told that they're gonna show up in my nearest favourite chillout spot!!

When we arrived there, my inner self was already screaming wit joy, brimming wit the hopes of seeing what i knew i would see, devil-like sexy angels wit mesmerizing smiles poppin champanges, posing camwhoring like there's no tomorrow. But no, they were not there, no.

Instead... What we found was only a few not so Japanese, "another college gal" faces passin car shit flyers around =S Sigh...<

No idea bout wat to cock dy, ciao first... sleep 2 hrs, gotta go for kaifan, fuck!

Happy readin this long awaited lame post =)

Monday, May 5, 2008

You can ignore this

Where it starts and ends

If you're a student, hardcore gamer who games for a huge portion of your life, big-time consistent celebrity slacker in studies, who fails to show up in class for months, abandon assessments throughout your course, who sleeps in the afternoon and stays awake through the night till the mornin, who's been sent to meet the director of your course, practically screwed up nicely, promised director to change, yet again back to your old lifestyle, and slack MORE, and find yourself one day startin to feel so worried everyday that when you think of it, all the colour on your face could be gone instantly and you feel like throwin up, and finally you feel so restless and uncomfortable everyday with the thought that you might end up with nothin left in the end, and your life would most probably go the way that you totally fear of... It's time to change, take your first step to it, NOW.

Delete and chuck away any games that you can reach for, whether you're addicted to it or not. Take a walk alone down the quiet streets at 5.ooam. Take a sweet hot shower, take your time with it, and be reminded not to use conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair. Sit down, start doing whatever shit you've missed in class, pay no attention to the fact that they're overdue, just bloody sit down and do. When your parents have woke up, have the courtesy to give them a call, have a lil nice chat of what you've actually been doing with the money they've been spendin on your education, do not hide. You might end up bein slaughtered, but it's worth it, and you f*ckin got no other choice.

At the end of the day, do
yourself a favour and give a lil pat on your shoulder, havin taken your first step to change.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Listenin to Potential Breakup Song again and again, temporarily addicted to it. Supposed to be sleepin, yet this song endlessly gives me the motivation to wake up from bed and attend to my blog hehe. Well I think haven't been updatin for a few days now, so I'll start off with my "trip" to Midvalley on Wednesday. On that lovely Wednesday noon, I woke up, quite contented with the sleep I had, yet mildly clouded with the feelin of remorse, havin fong fei gei-ed my friends who asked me along for a trip to Kuantan. Still, I just went on and did my own stuffs, lil bit here lil bit there. Few hours after that, I heard door bangin, someone claimin himself as "warden", demandin for the door to be opened. Naturally, I attended to that "warden", and instead of a short, fat, grumpy Indian, I found myself facing a not that tall, not thin at all, Mongolian-faced guy, and another slimmer guy with the word DotA written all over his face, both smirkin at me. I fell for it. The mistake couldn't be undone. Once the door was open wide, the interior of my hostel unit was stormed and invaded, I found myself bein threatened to get my ass ready for Midvalley. My laptop was taken over, what choice else did I have? I was kidnapped all the way to Midvalley.

Flaming Secret Recipe (image ruined by unknown black shoulder)

Arrived in Midvalley around 6.00pm, then Loong went to accompany his gurl to come to Midvalley. While waitin, Jorji and I walked around, and we went to have a look at guitar shops. Everytime I would be the ah mat for him when it comes to guitars. I would be in the shop, lookin at guitars, tryin to give natural guitarist's smile to the shopkeeper, and listen to Jorji, testin out guitars, one by one. He would play somethin which can't be considered as song, and it's exactly the same thing he been playin for years and years. That's definitely the best way anyone who knows bout music or even know nothin at all bout music, can describe what he was actually doin. There were a few guitars which he had a look at, that even someone like me who's totally alien to guitars, find them very attractive, sexy. Done with guitars, we decided to go somewhere to just sit down, have a drink and chillout. On the way down... there was a SODA and VOIR Jeans catwalk goin on. We slowed down to have a look. And.. and.. we saw YUMIKO and Dylan Guo on the runway!!! (sorry gurls, only Yumiko bolded) Jorji was practically doin a penguin dance, as he darted through spectators, to have a better look at Yumiko (he actually didn't even have the idea of who she is). Winnie Loo, founder of A Cut Above was also there (once again not bolded, lou beng). Couldn't take clear shot of them... since my phone sucks big time, some even claim it has a disastrous picture quality of 0.3 megapixels =( Aite, after done with all those entertainin eye candies, we went to Secret Recipe.

Lip smackin Oreo milkshake

Ordered Oreo milkshake. Notice the tray holdin sachets of brown sugar, sugar-free sweeteners and creamers? The person who was in the same table with me, kept openin sachets after sachets of brown sugar, pourin into his huge mouth, and munched away happily. I was unaware of the first sachet that he consumed, slowly realised what he was doin after seein all the empty wrappers on the table. He gave me a squintin eyes smile and said, "Hey, free dessert, why not? It's free, and it even has Secret Recipe written on it". Luckily Loong arrived before this friend had the chance to finish the whole trayful of "free desserts". We went to Pizza Hut for meal, sorry again, no nice images available due to the 0.3 megapixels. Then we saupei and went back to hostel. We actually had a few plans for that night, but ended up bein ruined by myself.. So I was kinda in a bad mood for the whole night. My mood got worse when I was msn-ing till bout 6.00am, my friend told me "somethin" bout myself. Sulkin with sour face in my room after that -.-

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Modern Cute English

I hope readers won't mind what I'm about to reveal. It's some random parts of ACTUAL conversation which I've had and I find it quite interesting. Shows how human have been improvin English language through time.

Situation A

KiDo: Yea, they have quite a collection of cars here in Sunway.

T2: Neh, just now you mentioned bout the what... Musang ah?

KiDo: . .

T2: And also the Hammer you said

KiDo: . . They're not musang and tukul, hammer

T2: Then???

KiDo: They're Ford Mustang and Hummer . .

Situation B

KiDo: I kinda like the Jack Daniels we had that night

Jorji: Ya.. It's kinda sweeter. What else have you all tried before?

T2: I only know that Banggali

Jorji: . .

KiDo: . .

T2: Why???

Jorji: It's actually called Bacardi

KiDo: Banggali's bangla..

Well speechless moments for me, cause I was ZHA DAO GAO GAO ! ! !

Monday, April 28, 2008

Women's Unisex Cosmetics Shop

First born Ah Fatt to the Earth, then drawn sleepy eyes on his face, then born cold turkey with saucy bitchy personality in him, then came along Kido as how he's called, finally came DOKIDOKI his beloved blog! ^^ When I first started this blog, well actually wasn't that long ago (damnit! it was actually just last week), I didn't expect there would actually be people who would visit and read the craps I've written on a regular basis (actually only about five readers), and, and, and, actually askin me for updates. Hehe, myself being a righteous blogger, of course would definitely let my faithful visitors down even by the tiniest bit this world could ever offer. Hah! Well crapped for a short intro to my showcase of over-amplified self-confidence. You have my deepest apologies m'dears, as I've been really busy doin nothin in front of my monitor, feedin myself to the drunkness and ecstacy of my songs, tryin hard to nurture the healthy zombie inside (and outside) myself. Allow me, to enlighten you with what I've been up to over the weekend, for starter. I'm sure all of you folks out there are gonna be curious why on the sanest earth the picture of a product from Shu Uemura, well known Japanese cosmetics brand specially for WOMEN, would appear in a MAN'S blog like mine. OK, I actually walked into that shop, and bought somethin, as simple as that. All these are thanks to our cute lil Ms.Sandakan, all the efforts she has put in directly and indirectly to make it happen, I truly appreciate -.- The product is called skin purifier, can be used as facial cleaner, and sounds superbly well when related to my polluted. Yea, I admit that skin pollution is occurin to my face every single second even as I type here, so let's hope my first ever purchase in a women's cosmetics shop wouldn't go to waste, and shine miracle on my face (not bad, rhymes). Truthfully, had an undeniably great outin with Ms.Sandakan, we walked, we ate sushi, we shopped, we talked, a lot, even visited Kim Gary twice just for drinks, AND my so called AUSMAT twin, even came, and we had a couple'o drinks in Republic, the bar outside Pyramid's new wing. The place was nice, with music that'll lift you off your feet, though it had two major cons that night, first, being the fact that not many people were hangin out there, especially its indoor "lounge" and the fact that there's no washroom there, and this brings you to the fact that you'll have to walk all the way to the other end of Pyramid to answer to nature's call. So I ended up that night talkin and talkin and suggested games to be played, most ly ridiculous (well, what's the point of a game being non-ridiculous), with an almost blasted to smithereens pair of kidneys, and none of the games I suggested was actually played. Ms.SDK looked nice on that day, well, not just that day I promise, and she's a very fun person to hangout with, anyone who doesn't get bored hangin out with me is incredible. Sorry though, bein incredible didn't bring out the willingness in me to be the model that day, although you're definitely kind enough to persuade someone like me to be a model even just for few minutes. The trip to Republic that night brings me to the idea which is circulatin around, about the clubbin trip tomorrow with coursemates. I definitely feel like goin for it, have a happenin night, drink, maybe even do some crazy stuffs, and wake up with heavy migraine in the mornin, yet there're other things I have in my mind which I'm longin for, with the resources and the opprtunities I currently have. Plus, it's a fact that these few days, I haven't been really feeling well emotionally, lazy, tired, most of the time not even motivated to do anythin, includin dota, sittin and doin nothin -.- . But if somebody really wants to go, and no close friend is goin with somebody, I'll try my best to accompany somebody. Umm.. what else did I want to talk about. Oh yea, lately from what I observe around from my point of view, on how my friends are goin on, and how some of my friends' friends, now it's not that good of a time for relationships to blossom and flourish. No offence though, it's just that I see a lot of people screwin up in different ways, which I won't take my time and slowly state here. It's understandable when people seek company, seek for that sweet comfort, or some even seek for love. But I believe there's always a right time and a right situation to be considered for the right choice in your mind that you're tryin to make. One moment you might be standin, and the moment you might be kneelin down, face in your hands, with tears. Ponder deeply into yourself and ask yourself everytime you think about somethin (like you need a girlfriend that badly). I wish people who are lost would wake up and see clearly the path they're takin and carry on walkin on it, even for myself. Once again, no offence with what I've mentioned, just bits and pieces from the heart and the brain which I'm tyin to express here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Life Beneath The Shadow of Insomnia

Once again, bloggin dead early in the mornin. "Modern human" are defined as homo sapiens, while I would describe myself as a hybrid of newly improved homo sapien with twisted biological clock, with caffeine cells flowing through my veins. Some of my friends whom wake up really early in the mornin would ask me, whether I've got a good night's sleep, or I can't sleep halfway through and I'll answer them I've not been sleepin at all. And I get a big fat O-M-G every single mornin, somehow satisfyin way to start my day, or perhaps end the previous day, since most probably goin to bed after this. Day by day, I tell myself, I wanna to sleep earlier, I definitely wanna sleep earlier, yet day by day, I sleep "earlier" and "earlier". I'm supposed to be havin classes.. Since I've started bloggin, I've been loyal to my duty of a so called righteous person who speaks out the truth, and usually end up still awake by 9.00am. By this time, I can safely bid farewell to my classes and the next half of the day. Two days before this, I've asked my friends to do me a big favor in waking me up, and turned out my phone had been in silent mode whole of the time.. One of my friends who has been calling me every mornin even got pissed off by now, I think. I desperately need to change this lifestyle of mine, for the sake of studies, and also for health. Currently I'm lookin into the mirror, interestingly to find a guy imposter of Rainie Yang lookin back at me, with E.T eyes... *sob* The guard at the sidegate even told me shortly before this, "Ko ni memang tak nak hidup lagi ke, tengok mata ko stim, lagi stim dari ganja" . . .

(Life Beneath The Shadow of Insomnia, 25 April 2008)